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Best Gardening Magazines – Knowledge Delivered To Your Door

Best Gardening Magazines

The internet is amazing for consuming information but sometimes you want to settle down on the couch or back porch and browse a real publication. These magazines are our top choices for gardening.


For smart gardening tips and interesting information on plants, this magazine is always a refreshing read. The in-depth feature articles are downright addictive. The publication has delivered quality articles to its readers since 1904, over a century of knowledge within their pages. Wow!

Capper’s Farmer

If you have not heard of Capper’s Farmer, you may be missing out on one of the best publications available for homesteading and gardening. It’s not your traditional gardening magazine though, it’s broader and much more interesting with a focus on gardening and preserving foods, country recipes, DIY homemade crafts, and more. Every issue is refreshing and brings interesting new ideas. It deserves a spot on our “best of” list.

Garden Gate

Deserving of a place on every garden’s coffee table, this magazine is filled with practical solutions to common gardening problems, garden plans and illustrated how-to’s, and really great before and after garden makeovers. Every issue includes top pics for plants and tools depending on the project. This is an excellent addition to any gardener’s magazine collection.

Fine Gardening

If you want to be inspired by the designs and creations of other gardeners, Fine Gardening Magazine is filled with ideas that will work for your garden. With consideration for regions, this publication provides practical and sometimes overwhelming ideas and how-to solutions. From seeding to pruning, every aspect of gardening is delivered to your door. They even cover soil improvement and composting. Really, what’s not to love?


This is a quarterly publication dedicated to a specific niche of gardening. If you are into growing herbs, this publication is backed by over 40 years of experience in providing subscribers with information on growing as well as fascinating herb lore. Showcasing herb gardens from around the globe and providing unique recipes as well, this magazine is a great choice for gardeners interested in learning about growing herbs.

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