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Real Lawn And Garden Enthusiasts (Not Just Corporate Writers)

When you are looking for lawn and gardening solutions, you don’t need rehashed information written by an anonymous writer sitting in a corporate office.

You need real solutions from real people who have been where you are. People who have had their hands in the dirt and experienced the frustrations and challenges that you are facing.

At Thriving Yard, our mission is to provide practical solutions to common (and not-so-common) lawn and gardening problems. Learn more about Thriving Yard’s mission.

Paul Brown Author

Paul Brown has spent the last decade studying practical soil solutions for growing a thriving lawn and garden in a clay soil yard. He has tested multiple approaches and developed a five-step process for improving clay soil called Deep Soil Integration.

Learn more about Paul.

Sydney Bosque Author

Sydney Bosque has over 15 years of experience in lawn maintenance, landscape design, and organic gardening. She even grew an organic garden on a desert island. She has written for newspapers and academic departments. Sydney holds an A.A.S. in Landscape Design/Organic Produce Production from the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture.

Academic Research Meets First-Hand Experience

Articles written on Thriving Yard combine research from educational and government sources with our writers’ first-hand knowledge and experience. We take pride in assuring that the information shared is backed by studies or our own personal observations.

We aren’t perfect, but we are continuously reviewing the content that we have published to ensure that it meets our quality standards and welcome feedback from readers with similar or opposing views.

Our articles have been mentioned or cited on university, state, and government websites as well as countless lawn and gardening online brands. You can review our Editorial Policy here.

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