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Recommended Products

Recommended Products

Everyone has something to sell us these days and it can be really hard to filter through the noise and figure out exactly what you need to get the job done. These are the tools and products recommended by Thriving Yard.

Yard Cleanup Products

Yard debris can quickly blanket your lawn. Whether its grass clippings or fall leaves, there are better solutions than a rake and wheelbarrow these days.

Best Gardening Magazines

We all love the internet but nothing is better than a Sunday afternoon, relaxing with a magazine in the hammock. These are Thriving Yard’s top choices for gardening magazine subscriptions.

Composting Products

Whether you are looking for a tumbler or a more traditional bin, these are the products currently recommended by Thriving Yard.

Soil Compaction Solutions

These are the products Paul recommends based on his experience improving heavily compacted red clay soil. If they’ll work for his yard, they’ll work for anything!

Indoor Gardening

Not everyone has space or the weather conditions to grow a garden outdoors but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh veggies or herbs. These Indoor Garden Kits offer a solution for growing without stepping outside your home.