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Gifts for Lawn & Landscape Enthusiasts

Do you have a friend or family member who has a healthy (or, perhaps unhealthy) obsession with lawn care? Are you looking for a way to enable this obsession with some awesome gifts?

If your answer is yes, look no further!

We have compiled a list of gifts that make simple lawn tasks a little easier and more enjoyable. And if you’re the person who looks forward to weekends doing yard work, you’re in good company. We do too!

Top Pick: Sunday Lawn Care

Sunday Lawn Care Subscription Box

Instead of spreading chemical fertilizers all over the yard, Sunday Lawn Care offers a new and innovative solution to fertilizing.

They offer a subscription service where you send in a soil test and, based on those results, they customize the liquid fertilizer solutions that they send to you based on your soil’s specific needs.

It’s truly a gift that keeps giving because every couple of months are so throughout the season, Sunday will send a supply of fertilizer for that time of year. It’s like getting a new present over and over again!

This is the only lawn fertilizer that Paul is currently using because its made from natural ingredients, customized to his lawn’s needs, and is both child and pet safe.

If you are looking for a gift that will truly make a splash with a lawn enthusiast, this is the one!

Click here to read Paul’s full hands-on review.

Or, you can jump straight to Sunday’s website and start your subscription.

With that said, here’s a list of some of our top picks for lawn lovers, depending on your budget and their specific obsessions!

Lawn Care Gifts: Under $20

Mower Blade Sharpening Kit (Reel & Rotary)

If you have a manual push mower, this simple tool will keep your blades sharp; one of the most undervalued maintenance tasks for a healthy lawn. Clean cuts prevent diseases and will reduce stress on the grass. 

Some especially rough turf grasses, like St. Augustine, may require monthly blade sharpening, but that can be time-consuming and expensive. Treat your lawn-obsessed friend to this time-saving tool whether they have a traditional rotary mower or reel mower.

Click here for latest pricing (link to Amazon).

Seller: Amazon

What Reviewers Say: Buyers love how clean and sharp they are able to get their blades with the lapping paste, and say the compound will last a long time if you store it correctly. The only recommendation from users was to use a drill attachment to make the process faster.

Why We Like It: Getting your mower blade sharpened can be a hassle, which is why it is a commonly overlooked maintenance task. This kit helps maintain consistently sharp blades, which makes mowing more enjoyable and less stressful for your lawn.

Dimensions: 10.6 x 5.5 x 1.8 inches

Colors: Silver

Weight: 6 ounces

Use: Sharpening manual rotary and reel mower blades

Gardzen 3-Pack Heavy Duty Reusable Garden Bags

If your lawn & garden friend makes their own compost, these bags will be a lifesaver. Instead of using plastic garbage bags or paper bags, these reusable bags can hold up to multiple uses of leaves, grass clippings, and sticks.

The bags have a plastic insert that holds them open while you work, but can be removed for easy storage. Perfect for collecting leaves, weeds, mulch, clippings, and other lawn materials.

Click here for latest pricing (link to Amazon).

Seller: Amazon

What Reviewers Say: Buyers love how lightweight and easy these bags are to use, and they especially love the handle on the bottom that makes it easy to dump out the yard waste.

Why We Like It: Paper bags and garbage bags are both one-time use products for throwing away leaves, weeds, and clippings. These reusable bags help with yard cleanup, but are durable enough to be hauled to the compost bin or leaf shredder to recycle lawn waste and create your own mulch or compost.

Dimensions: 26.4 x 26.4 x 30 inches

Colors: Green

Weight: 2 Lbs.

Use: Holding lawn & garden waste

T-Shirt: “The Lawn Ranger Rides Again”

This one’s for the dads. Although it doesn’t make yard work any faster or easier, this t-shirt can certainly make it more fun (for him).

And yes, it does come in purple, in case mom is also a lawn care nerd.

Click here for latest pricing (link to Amazon).

Seller: Amazon

What Reviewers Say: What’s not to like? Buyers loved this shirt.

Why We Like It: It’s a fun gift for a weekend warrior.

Sizes: S-XXX

Colors: Black, Grey, Green, Brown, Purple

Weight: Not Listed

Use: Clothing. 

Lawn Care Gifts: Under $50

GIGALUMI Turtle Solar Statue Figurine

A gift list for lawn & garden fanatics wouldn’t be complete without some kind of yard art. This solar-powered turtle light adds some color during the day, and brightens up a patio or walkway as it gets dark. Each turtle is waterproof and hand-painted with UV-resistant paints.

Click here for latest pricing (link to Amazon).

Seller: Amazon

What Reviewers Say: Buyers thought this turtle made a cute addition to their walkway and gave off plenty of light. The only complaint is that it is a cool, bright light instead of a warm, yellow light.

Why We Like It: It’s a practical piece of yard art.

Dimensions: 18.07 x 9.44 x 7.67 inches

Colors: Multi-colored

Weight: 2.66 Lbs.

Use: Decorative solar light

Book: Encyclopedia of Landscape Design

This book is perfect for a homeowner who wants a more purposeful landscape that has a long-term goal. This book covers how to choose plants, how to draw a plan to scale, how to plan for mature growth, and how to install walkways and patios. 

Click here for latest pricing (link to Amazon).

Seller: Amazon

What Reviewers Say: Buyers love the textbook approach that gives a lot of usable information.

Why We Like It: This book has actionable information and detailed instructions.

Pages: 392

Colors: N/A

Weight: 4.3 Lbs.

Use: Introduction to professional landscape design.

Bully Tools Leaf and Thatching Rake

This heavy-duty rake is not for the faint of heart. It’s sturdy construction makes it the perfect rake for clearing areas with heavy leaf and twig cover, and removing thatch in the spring and fall. The tines are strong, and the fiberglass handle will endure many years of heavy use.

Click here for latest pricing (link to Amazon).

Seller: Amazon

What Reviewers Say: Buyers like how well this rake pulls up thatch and leaf litter, but also noted you will get a major ab workout because the rake is heavy.

Why We Like It: This rake has multiple uses and can withstand many growing seasons.

Dimensions: 2.5 x 22.5 x 66.25 inches

Colors: Black & Red

Weight: 3.39 Lbs.

Use: Raking leaves, leaf and twig litter, and removing thatch.

Lawn Care Gifts: Under $100

American Lawn Mower: Deluxe Hand Reel Mower

Reel mowers are the healthiest way to mow your lawn. They make a clean cut instead of ripping through the grass like a rotary mower, and they don’t require any fuel or electricity! Short, creeping grass like centipede or St. Augustine respond well to reel mowers, as long as the blades are sharp (see above for a blade sharpening kit).

Click here for latest pricing (link to Amazon).

Seller: Amazon

What Reviewers Say: Buyers say this little reel mower is sturdy, durable, and cuts easily. However, sticks and other debris get caught easily. Rake before using.

Why We Like It: Reel mowers are cheaper than rotary mowers, require less maintenance, and are healthier for your lawn. 

Dimensions: 20 x 24 x 42.5 inches

Colors: Orange & Silver

Weight: 20 Lbs.

Use: Mowing small lawns.

Scotts Turfbuilder EdgeGuard DLX Broadcast Spreader

Broadcast spreaders are an absolute necessity for maintaining a healthy lawn. You can use them to overseed, fertilize, spread pesticides, and even salt sidewalks and driveways. This spreader holds 15,000 square feet of Scotts fertilizer, which is 50% larger than the average lawn size in the U.S. 

Click here for latest pricing (link to Amazon).

Seller: Amazon

What Reviewers Say: Buyers say this spreader works right out of the box, but some had problems with product collecting in the wheels and built their own wheel covers.

Why We Like It: Spreaders are a necessity for lawn maintenance, and this one has a large holding volume. 

Dimensions: 19 x 22 x 22 inches

Colors: Green

Weight: 10.8 Lbs.

Use: Spreading product on lawns.

TACKLIFE Hose Reel with 7 Adjustable Sprayer Nozzle

This retractable hose reel is a lifesaver. This reel gives you 65’ of hose length with a safety speed to retract slowly and prevent injury. Reel includes hose, mounting bolts, and a 7-pattern sprayer. 

Click here for latest pricing (link to Amazon).

Seller: Amazon

What Reviewers Say: Buyers love how convenient it is to have an automatic retractable hose reel, and they like how it keeps the hose neatly tucked away and out of the way of the mower.

Why We Like It: There really is no other way to keep a hose looking tidy without a hose reel, and this one makes the process super simple. 

Dimensions: 20.5 x 11.8 x 18.1 inches

Colors: Black & Orange

Weight: 26.1 Lbs.

Use: Automatically retract and reel watering hose.

WORX Electric Vacuum Blower/Mulcher

Leafblowers are a simple way to clear off the sidewalk after you mow or during the fall when leaves are dropping. But sometimes, blowing plant material onto your freshly-cut lawn makes it look worse, which is where this blower/vacuum comes in handy.

With a quick readjustment, this leaf blower turns into a vacuum that sucks leaf litter and grass clippings into the fan and mulches the debris. The shredded plant material is collected in a bag with a sling that fits over the shoulder. Perfect for cleaning up sidewalk and landscape areas without raking or sweeping.

Click here for latest pricing (link to Amazon).

Seller: Amazon

What Reviewers Say: Buyers love how easy it is to remove leaves from groundcovers and landscapes with the vacuum function, although some users said it was difficult to maneuver. 

Why We Like It: The vacuum function on this blower/mulcher collects debris and mulches it so you can use it in the compost pile instead of blowing it around your yard. 

Dimensions: 35.5 x 10 x 14 inches

Colors: Black & Orange

Weight: 11.82 Lbs.

Use: Blow or vacuum light yard waste.

Lawn Care Gifts: Over $100

WORX Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder

Shredded leaves are a great addition to compost piles or as a simple garden mulch. This leaf shredder is basically a funnel with a string trimmer in the center. This shredder reduces 12 bags of leaves down to 1 bag of finely-shredded leaf litter. It’s a great solution for all of those fall leaves!

Put the shredder over a trash can or reusable yard waste bag to collect the leaves and use them in a compost pile or for mulch.

Click here for latest pricing (link to Amazon).

Seller: Amazon

What Reviewers Say: Buyers like that they are able to reduce the amount of bags they need for leaves, but some users said it was a time-consuming process compared to just bagging. This will depend on what you intend to do with these collective leaves. If you are adding to compost or mulching, shredding is preferred.

Why We Like It: Yard waste is a great natural mulch or compost ingredient, but large leaves can take a long time to break down. This shredder makes it easy to recycle leaves instead of buying mulch or compost products.

Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 13 inches

Colors: Black & Orange

Weight: 24.3 Lbs.

Use: Shred leaves to use as compost or mulch.

WORX Landroid Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower

Have you seen those little robot vacuums that drive around the house by themselves? Well, this is the lawn mower version of that.

This nifty little piece of tech drives around your yard cutting the grass. Lay a boundary wire and measure your lawn with the integrated app, then set up the charging base and set the mowing schedule from your phone. The mower does the rest.

Click here for latest pricing (link to Amazon).

Seller: Amazon

What Reviewers Say: Buyers like the convenience of having a robot mow the lawn, but many reviewers said the mower gets stuck on uneven ground or in tall grass. The mower works best on flat ground and on a frequent mowing schedule to keep growth under control.

Why We Like It: It’s a robot that cuts your grass. Need we say more?

Dimensions: 21.97 x 15.91 x 8.07 inches

Colors: Black & Orange

Weight: 21.2 Lbs.

Use: Automatically mow the lawn.

Whether you’re buying a gift for a weekend warrior or a hardcore lawn care guru, this list has a gift for everyone. 

Check out our other gift list for the gardeners in your life (or yourself- those gifts are awesome). And don’t forget to check out our other articles on composting, lawn care, and yard tools!