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Editorial Policy

All articles published on Thriving Yard undergo a rigorous four-step approval process.

1. Topic Selection And Helpfulness

Article topics are first confirmed as being relevant and helpful to our readers. This process involves selecting topics that are sought out by our target audience and validating their relevance and appropriateness to the Thriving Yard brand.

Once a topic is verified as relevant, we determine how to approach it from the most helpful angle to ensure that the information provides true value for the reader.

Depending on the subject, this may involve creating a how-to guide, answering a commonly asked question, or recommending a product or service that may help the reader solve the problem. For an overview of our product recommendation guidelines, see our Affiliate and Advertising Disclaimer.

2. Topic Assignment By Subject Matter Expert

Once a topic has been validated as relevant and helpful, it is assigned to a writer based on their area of expertise. Thriving Yard is a small online publication, and while we do not possess a large staff of writers, we work with real gardeners and lawn enthusiasts who practice what they preach in their own yards.

We believe that this gives our site a level of authenticity and experience that large publications cannot compete with. We often take opposing views with those publications because our personal experience differs from theirs. This is why the next step in our process is so important…

3. Academic Research And Validation

Articles are often written with supporting evidence from academic or government sources. When cited, links to these sources are provided within the text of the article. These links serve two purposes;

  1. validation of the accuracy of the referenced information, and
  2. to provide a source for additional information for readers who desire more in-depth information on a given topic.

4. Final Fact-Checking

Before publishing, each article is subjected to a final review. This review serves to ensure the clarity and accuracy of the information. This includes fact-checking of any statistics, references to other sources, or data that may be pertinent to the overall accuracy of the content.

While omissions and errors can still occur, this four-step process helps us to minimize those mistakes. See our Terms of Service for information on limitations of liability. You can also Contact Us with any errors that you identify.