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11 Best Worm Bins Based On Size, Style, Location, And Usage

11 Best Worm Bins Based On Size, Style, Location, And Usage

When I went looking for manufactured worm bins, I was a little discouraged to find that the majority of websites offering “best of” lists clearly had no experience with vermicomposting. It’s easy to say these are the best when you don’t know what you are talking about, but there are reasons that certain worm bins are the best solutions for specific situations.

Not everyone’s needs or circumstances are the same. You can’t just lump a bunch of worm bins together and say these are the best. And so, I’m giving you the best worm bin options for different situations. Whether you live in an apartment, want to teach your kids about the vermicompost process, or are just looking for the best all-around solution to get started, you’ll find a bin for your needs here.

So, what are the best worm bins on the market today? The top vermicomposting bins are:

  1. Worm Factory 360
  2. Educational Insights See-Through Compost Container
  3. Redmon 8012 Culture Vermicompost Worm Farm
  4. 4-Tray Worm Factory Farm Compost Small Compact Bin Set
  5. Worm Farm Compost Bin
  6. Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2
  7. HOT FROG Living Composter
  8. Worm Factory DS3BT 3-Tray Worm Composter
  9. VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin
  10. Worm Café
  11. Homestead Essentials 5-Tray Worm Composting Kit

So these are the best but how in the world do you choose? Well, it depends on your situation. For example:

  • How much space do you have available?
  • How much food do you want to compost each week?
  • Is this a family project to teach kids or just a way to make use of kitchen scraps?
  • Do you plan to keep your worm bin indoors or outside?

These are just a few considerations. I’ve done my best to outline the unique benefits or situations where each of these would best suit your needs. Feel free to browse through them but if you want to jump to the best bin for you, just click one of the options below:

I’ve also compiled and included a list of other worm bins worth considering further down on this page. I explain why each didn’t make the top list but these have unique features or aspects to them that make them worthy of a “best of” list. Also, I want you to have all of the information so that when you see these listed on those best-of lists, you don’t go in uninformed.

Best Vermicomposting Bins on the Market Today

Depending on your needs, these are the best worm bins on the market. They range in price and size, working for a variety of homes and budgets so consider your situation when choosing. Each composting bin can be purchased on Amazon.

Note that many of the compost bins on this list are meant for indoor use, meaning they are right there in your kitchen or mud-room to make composting easy, convenient, and a part of everyday life. For those who prefer to keep the composting action outdoors, there are several models in the list that are appropriate for just that purpose and I’ve pointed that out on each one.

(Best All-Around) – Worm Factory 360 Worm Composting Bin

best worm bin for most situations

There is a good reason that the Worm Factory 360 is almost always my first recommended worm bin. A leading name in the composting world, Worm Factory offers solid, reliable solutions for vermicomposting. This model is a standard four-tray size and is expandable up to eight-trays. That means you can adjust the system to your needs. If you are limited by space, use fewer trays. If you are a heavy-duty worm composter, use more. They tout this bin as featuring the largest volume of any home worm compost bin. Suitable for indoors or outside locations.

Some other great benefits of this model are:

  • The lid converts to a stand for trays while harvesting castings.
  • You receive a digital instructional manual and a step-by-step guide for managing the composter.
  • You get a bonus magnet with a breakdown of common composting foods that your worms can eat safely. Great for referring back to.
  • The composting bin has a built-in spigot to drain excess fluid (more on that below).

What They Could Improve – The one thing I don’t like about these tray-style bins is that they can be cumbersome to move. You don’t want to try to move them all at once. It’s usually best to transport them tray-by-tray. I wish the trays locked together somehow so that you could pick the whole thing up and move it at once. It’s a minor gripe and the weight of the compost would probably negate the whole idea but why not add some locking mechanisms on the sides of each tray to allow for this?

And there’s one other thing… it’s just a wording issue but it always bugs me. They refer to the liquid that comes out of the spigot as worm tea. This is not worm tea and it’s a mistake that many people make. But that has nothing to do with the quality of the bin. It’s just me being bothered by inaccuracies.

Click Here For Latest Pricing (Link To Amazon)

(Best Worm Farm For Kids) – Educational Insights See-Through Worm Bin

best worm farm for kids

I’ve written about this one before. It is a great, inexpensive option that is amazing for families with kids. This see-through bin is perfect for educational purposes as your child can watch the composting process take place. The bin has three clear, separate, aerated compartments that show the entire decomposition process. Suitable for indoor use.

While this bin is smaller than several of our other options, it is a great budget-friendly choice. Some other great benefits of this composting bin are:

  • Children can make comparisons between different materials in each compartment.
  • Includes a thermometer to show temperature changes during decomposition.
  • Comes with a guide, including information about composting facts and science project ideas.
  • Small size makes it great for indoor use.

What They Could Improve – The size of this worm farm is one of its greatest appeals but also one of its downfalls. It’s an awesome solution for a kid’s project but you can’t do any serious composting with it. I wish they made a much bigger version of this. It would be great for schools that want to take on a classroom project. Maybe there is no market for it though. Just manage your expectations with this and understand that it’s designed more for teaching and experiencing the vermicomposting process than to compost large quantities of food scraps.

Click Here For Latest Pricing (Link To Amazon)

(Best Portable Worm Bin) Redmon 8012 Culture Vermicompost Farm

portable vermicomposting solution

Another great budget-friendly option that is good for first time vermicomposting. This style composter is lightweight and easy to tuck away in a corner of your home, giving you the benefit of vermicomposting without calling attention to itself as a worm bin. This thing is made tough so it should be fine both indoors and out.

What I really like about this one is that it is built for portability. It even has a transport handle on top (it is essentially a cargo box with a removable reservoir tray built into it).

What They Could Improve – My biggest concern with this one is that it appears to lack adequate air holes for ventilation and to maintain moisture levels (read all about the importance of air holes here). I also don’t like the limited number of drainage holes in the reservoir tray. It’s an easy fix, just drill more holes, but why would they limit the number of holes like this? I guess what concerns me the most is that the holes are around the sides on the bottom of the tray but there is none in the center. This seems like it would offer an opportunity for water to pool. Sure, I’m nit-picking but sometimes I wonder if manufacturers have really tested their own products over a period of time.

Click Here For Latest Pricing (Link To Amazon)

(Best Worm Bin For Apartment) 4-Tray Worm Factory Farm

apartment worm bin

This is another affordable option that is great for areas where a small footprint is most important. What I really like about this bin is the small space required for it. At only 9 x 12 x 8.5 inches, it could easily be kept under a kitchen sink or in a small utility closet. The air ventilation in the bin minimizes odor, making it a great choice for apartments, kitchens, garages, porches, and more. I’d recommend this only for indoor use.

The bin features a sleek and innovative design that is excellent for both indoor and outdoor usage. Other amazing features of this bin are:

  • The durable material is great for year-round protection and composting.
  • Worms start at the bottom of the bin and migrate upwards as they go, leaving behind a tray of rich compost.
  • Features a reservoir at the bottom that captures the worm tea, perfect for use in your garden.
  • It comes with four pieces of working trays, a rack, and a spigot that is great for producing as many great worm castings as you may need.

What They Could Improve – I think the design is meant to give it a look that could be at home in an apartment and that’s fine I guess but it looks like a bunch of Tupperware stacked up. Honestly, my first thought on this one was “I could build that myself”. Of course, I tend to do that way too often. In fact, as my wife would point out, my delusions of my abilities sometimes outway my practical skill level. Still, I priced some plastic containers at our local dollar store just to see what it would take to build something similar. I think I could build something that looks almost exactly like this for less but when you factor in the time invested and the frustration of trial-and-error, it’s probably not worth the effort.

Check the latest pricing on this apartment-friendly worm farm (link to Amazon)

Other Worm Bins Worth Considering

Worm Farm Compost Bin

best for outdoor worm bin use

Perhaps the highest end and expensive on our list today, this second amazing option from Worm Farm is easy to use and features everything you could need in a composter. This is a good choice for those who are wanting to compost large amounts of food scraps and don’t want to mess with trays.

Considering the main container’s one-piece design it will likely last for many years. This continuous-flow worm bin is similar to a traditional compost bin but the use of red wigglers allows you to compost without the need to turn, stir, or mix like a conventional bin. Best for outdoor, high-volume usage.

Just a few of the many other benefits that come with this style of composter are:

  • Features wheels and can be easily moved from location to location.
  • Multi-use for creating quality worm castings and worm tea at the same time.
  • The lid is designed to easily add scraps and keep out rodents. Cleaning is very easy.
  • The composting bin comes with a lifetime guarantee and is designed to last, with extremely durable parts that the company stands by.

What They Could Improve – I have to be honest. The only thing I don’t like about this bin is the price. I think it could be a great solution for someone who wants a worm farm that is more like a trash can where you go out and drop the scraps in and don’t think about them again. But for the price, I cannot make this a recommended solution. I can only say that if you have the budget and want this one it should last you for many years.

Click Here For Latest Pricing (Link To Amazon)

Urban Worm Bag Worm Composting Bin Version 2

unique breathable fabric worm bin

This is a great choice for indoor use, as the bin creates no odors yet creates quality organic waste. It’s also an excellent outdoor solution because of its heavy-duty fabric design although I do think UV rays would wear on it. (Of course, you are supposed to keep worm bins out of direct sunlight anyway… so maybe that’s a non-issue). What really separates this worm bin from any others is that it is made from breathable fabric which means that you will have less issue with anaerobic conditions. Very innovative design! It can be used both indoors and out but I’d recommend it for outside. I worry that if moisture levels are too high you could have some liquid seem through the fabric.

I am truly taken by the concept of this one and continue to watch it closely. I have a strong feeling it will end up as my top recommended solution in the future but I need to buy one and put it through the paces. They recently made some updates in this 2.0 version, showing a commitment to evaluate the effectiveness of their design and adjust. That’s a far cry from some manufacturers who put their product out and never update the design despite longstanding issues. And it is such an attractive design compared to everything else on the market. I could easily see this sitting on my back porch and not being an eye-sore. It’s kinda stylish, right?

The continuous flow featured with this bin should keep the worms happy, composting, and reproducing. Some added benefits are:

  • You get three times the volume of stackable plastic bins at only 33% of the costs.
  • You do not have to separate worms from trays.
  • Bin is created from a breathable fabric, controlling moisture through a zipper bottom.
  • Company offers a 100% lifetime warranty on material defects and workmanship is guaranteed.

What They Could Improve – I was really taken by this one for a long time and I’ve almost clicked “buy” several times. The one thing that keeps me from purchasing is the problems that people encountered with the zipper on the bottom in version 1. This new model is supposed to have resolved that. In any case, with a lifetime warranty, it’s hard to nit-pick details. Honestly, overall I like this one and it would look pretty nice on a balcony or back porch. It’s not cheap looking at all.

Click Here For Latest Pricing (Link To Amazon)

HOT FROG Living Composter

hot frog living worm composter

Okay, so the only thing I can really say about this one is that I don’t like the look of it. Maybe it’s the bright green color. But I’ve never found this one to be an especially attractive solution. With a 15 x 15 footprint, I could easily justify this one as an apartment solution if it goes with your decor. It does not go with mine.

If this one appeals to you though it’s worth noting that it is designed with a double-walled lid and base for excellent insulation against temperature extremes, making it one of the better outdoor solutions if it were not for the wood legs which I’m afraid wouldn’t weather well over time. Other great features include:

  • Moisture control water retention channel that runs around the outside of each tray, collecting water.
  • Worms have ample opportunity to migrate between trays, with forty angled migration tunnels.
  • Each tray has aeration support points molded into the sides that allow for excellent 360-degree airflow.
  • Bin is very durable, BPA free, UV inhibited recycled polyethylene, making it completely safe and protected against direct sunlight.

What They Could Improve – Probably nothing. It’s a solid design and I have not been able to find anything specifically “wrong” with it. I feel that it is a little pricey for what it is but that comes down to personal preference, as does the color. The bright green might be just fine for you. If I was able to find it in black, I think I’d be more prone to buy it. Ironically, you can find the expansion trays in black but I have never found the complete setup available.

Click Here For Latest Pricing (Link To Amazon)

Worm Factory DS3BT 3-Tray Worm Composter

3 tray worm farm

Another great choice from Worm Factory, this three-tray composter is made completely with post-consumer recycled plastic. This could make you feel even better about doing your part to protect the environment. You will get the same great quality you would expect from the brand, but at lower costs than some of the larger options mentioned. This is basically the same design as the Worm Farm 360 but without the legs and just 3 trays instead of 4. It would be fine for outdoor use but its design makes it more of a tabletop application so I see this as an indoor solution primarily.

Key benefits and features of this model include:

  • Built-in liquid collector tray and spigot for draining.
  • The odor-free operation makes it great for use inside or outside.
  • You will receive a digital DVD, operation manual, and warranty with the purchase of the bin.
  • You can expand the bin up to seven trays.

What They Could Improve – Again, I don’t like how Worm Factory refers to the liquid in the reservoir as worm tea but that issue aside, I don’t find a lot of issues with this one. It’s basically a stripped-down version of one of my favorite worm farms so there is very little not to like. The absence of the legs makes it more suitable to a tabletop than the floor. If that is your situation then this one is worth considering.

Click Here For Latest Pricing (Link To Amazon)

VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin

This composter features a unique advancement called the worm saving tray or M-board which is built into each of these systems. According to the company, this innovation increases the airflow for better composting and prevents worms or bedding debris from dropping into the liquid tray.

One of the key things that drew me to this bin right from the start was the clear focus on ventilation along the top sides. This is such an important aspect of maintaining a healthy worm bin! I’d consider this one an outdoor solution. It’s a little big for indoor use.

Some other great benefits of this composting bin are:

  • Features an improved lid design that removes any odors that may be created. Great for indoor or outdoor usage.
  • An added piece of coconut husk matting in the lid further reduces smells.
  • Lid improves moisture control, helping to keep bedding at a perfect moisture level for worms.
  • Bin eliminates or minimizes the growth of fruit flies in your compost, something many other brands do not.
  • Bin has an ant-resistant design coming with a set of ant-trappers to stop the insects from breaching the compost bin.

What They Could Improve – Though I can’t really classify it as a “best solution”, this is a worthy competitor for the title. It’s built solid, attention to ventilation (at least at the top), and looks to be a sturdy, durable product. My concern with it has to deal with ventilation between the trays. I’ve reviewed the company’s website and several YouTube videos but I’ve never been able to really conclude that ventilation to the trays has been adequately factored into the design. Maybe I’m missing it but it keeps it from being a “best solution” pick at this time.

Click Here For Latest Pricing (Link To Amazon)

Here is a short Youtube video of an owner outlining the features of this bin and how to set it up:

Worm Café

worm cafe vermicomposting bin

This is another stackable tray system but features a hinged lid to open and fill the farm easily. It features a drip-free tap for draining excess fluid easily and lowers the risk of spilling liquid or your floors. I would use this one outside. If putting indoors, keep it in a utility room or somewhere out of the way. It’s not the visually appealing from the list.

Features include:

  • Three large capacity, rectangular working trays.
  • Each tray has a ventilation system and the bin features a ventilated collector tray, worm mound, tap, and sump.
  • Instructions are easily engraved into the underside of the lid for easy reference later on in use.

What They Could Improve – This is probably a fine solution but I was unable to find any documentation of how thick the plastic is. It looks to be thin which could result in the legs buckling over time from the weight of filled trays. Just something to be mindful of. It may not be a problem at all but these are the type of potential issues that reviewers often leave out. And it’s pricier than it looks like it should be. I don’t mind paying more for premium quality or aesthetics but I can’t see that I’m getting either this with option. Still, of the worm bins on the market, this is still in the top 11, even if it barely made the list.

Check Latest Pricing (link to Amazon)

So those are the best worm bins as I see it but remember that you need to take into account how much space you have, how much volume you are wanting to compost, and any other considerations so that you choose the best solution for your needs.

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