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Composting Products – Turn Kitchen Waste Into Soil

Composting Products – Turn Kitchen Waste Into Soil

You don’t have to purchase anything to begin composting. I’ve composted in a Cardboard Box. But you can significantly accelerate the decomposition process with a tumbler. You can contain and even increase the aesthetics by hiding your compost pile with a bin. If you want to step up your compost game, these are the products Thriving Yard currently recommends.

Compost Tumbler

There are hundreds of compost tumblers on the market. Heck, there are probably thousands. They all do basically the same thing; provide a way to rotate the compost so that it stays aerated. But not all compost tumblers are created equal.

Envirocycle Rolling Tumbler

Envirocycle makes a tough and simplistic design tumbler that they call The Most Beautiful Composter in the World. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there’s one thing that really separates this tumbler from traditional barrel-style designs and that is its base. It contains rollers that facilitate aerating and rotating your pile by simply rolling the housing on the base.

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This is a tumbler that is designed to withstand the elements and last for years. There are no metal parts to rust and corrode. It’s made of BPA-free, food-safe materials and requires no complicated assembly. You simply unbox it, set the housing on the base, and start filling it with organic material. It holds 35 gallons and is available in Black or Pink. Made in the USA.

EJWOX Dual-Chamber Tumbler

If you are wanting more of a traditional style tumbler, EJWOX’s dual-chamber tumbler allows for composting at two different stages in the decomposition process. Fill up one side and as it begins to turn to compost, you can start using the other side, continuing to make use of your kitchen waste. It contains an internal aeration bar that allows for airflow and is mounted on a powder-coated steel frame. Holds 43 gallons

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Non-Tumbler Compost Bin

If you are not interested in a tumbler but still want a way to collect kitchen waste and yard debris for composting, this Compost Bin is made from recycled plastic and holds a whopping 110 gallons. You add organic material from the top and take out finished compost through a hole in the side near the bottom. It’s quite large and designed to hold massive amounts of organic waste. The material is also made to last and withstand the outdoor elements with UV protection and BPA-free materials.

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Vermicompost Worm Bin

If you want to compost with worms and aren’t up to building a DIY bin, the Worm Factory 360 Worm Composting Bin is an all-in-one solution that is made with the new vermicomposter in mind. It comes with plenty of starter items including some bedding and a “what can red wigglers eat?” magnetic infographic poster for your fridge to help you remember what you should, and shouldn’t, put inside it. A great solution for creating purely organic compost with worms.

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Also, be sure to have a look at our complete list of the best worm bins currently available.

Worm Farming pH Meter for Red Wiggler Composting Bins

If you are noticing that your worms are trying to escape, one of the causes of this can be an imbalance in the pH. Maintaining a bedding and food diet that is not too acidic or alkaline is critical to creating an environment where red wigglers can thrive. A pH meter can make monitoring and adjusting easier as it takes the guesswork out. I’m partial to this one because it’s inexpensive but you can find fancier ones with more features on Amazon if you don’t mind the higher pricetags.

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Compost Thermometer

If you are strictly a passive composter, you probably don’t monitor the temperature in your compost pile. If, on the other hand, you are striving for speedy decomposition, keeping an eye on how well your compost is heating up is essential. This compost thermometer from REOTEMP has a 20-inch probe and is one of the more heavy-duty thermometers on the market with a thick 1/4″ stem. It’s built to last by a company that has been manufacturing compost equipment for over two decades. Available in Fahrenheit or Celcius.

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Compost Accelerator

I’ve looked at a lot of compost starter formulas. If you are interested in using some to kickstart your compost pile, here are my top picks along with simple instructions on how you can make your own.

Although each of these products offers advantages and benefits, remember that composting is a natural process and you can get started without buying anything. What’s most important is to just get started.

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