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If you notice an error on this website, have a great lawn and gardening story to share with our readers, or just have questions that you would like some help with, feel free to reach out.

Depending on the time of year, my response may be slow but I do my best to get back with everyone.

Phone (409) 242-0354‬

Media And Sponsorship Inquiries

Media inquires sent via email should include the words MEDIA INQUIRY in the subject field to ensure that they are reviewed and not accidentally tagged and filtered as spam by our email service.

Requests For Links

We are always in search of authoritative resources to help our readers. Educational sites (.edu) can request to be considered for inclusion in upcoming topics assuming the department aligns with the focus of our subject matter.

We do not accept or respond to requests to retroactively add links to previously published articles from commercial websites.

Guest Articles

We receive a substantial number of inquiries regarding guest posts. While I am open to publishing articles by our readers, I am not currently engaging in arrangements for someone publishing free articles in exchange for a link to another website.

I will, however, consider paying for articles of substance from our readers based on first-hand experiences related to lawn and gardening. I believe that there is no better resource than the people who are in the backyard or garden actually putting theory to practice. Email me and I’m happy to discuss our guidelines.


Paul Brown
Owner, Thriving Yard