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Can Electric Lawn Mowers Cut Long Grass?

Can Electric Lawn Mowers Cut Long Grass?

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Willie Moore
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I like to cut my front yard with my electric lawn mower. It’s battery powered with 62volts. But can an electric mower cut through long grass that’s overdue for mowing?

Electric lawnmowers can cut long grass, but they’re generally less powerful than their gas counterparts. If you have a large lawn with long grass, it’s best to stick with a gas lawnmower because the battery or cord on an electric one would be a hindrance. They’re more useful for smaller areas.

This article will discuss electric lawnmowers for long grass in more detail. Keep reading to learn more.

Here’s Why Electric Lawn Mowers Aren’t Ideal for Long Grass

In most cases, gas mowers are more powerful than electric ones, meaning you’ll get better results if you use a gas mower to cut long grass (source). The blades work faster, stronger, and better across large areas because you don’t have to worry about the battery running out or the cord being too short.

Below are the two types of electric lawnmowers and why they aren’t always ideal for long grass:

  • Corded lawnmowers. If using a corded lawnmower in long grass, you need to ensure it’s long enough. Also, it’s easier for the cord to get stuck in long grass or accidentally go over it with the mower (if you don’t see it due to tall grass concealing the cord).
  • Cordless lawnmowers. While you don’t have to worry about cords when using a cordless lawnmower, you must consider battery life. If your electric lawn mower takes a lot of time to cut through the long grass (which is highly likely), the battery might not last long enough.

Should I Buy an Electric Lawn Mower To Cut Long Grass?

You should buy an electric lawn mower to cut long grass if the yard is small and you’re looking for a quiet and eco-friendly option. But an electric lawnmower won’t be the best if you have a medium or large-sized yard with lots of long grass.

I have over two acres. That’s too much for an electric mower. But my front yard is small and for that job, the electric mower is perfect.

If you purchase an electric lawn mower, plan to maintain your grass by cutting it frequently during the summer to ensure you can easily cut it before it gets too long. Honestly, this is best practice anyway.

Consider the pros and cons of using an electric lawnmower on long grass before purchasing anything, which I will discuss in the sections below:

Pros of Using an Electric Lawn Mower on Long Grass

Electric Mowing Is Quieter

Cutting long grass with a gas lawnmower is loud, making it an unpleasant experience. It also means you must cut your grass during specific hours to ensure you don’t disturb neighbors. The noise of an electric mower is quieter, so you don’t have to worry so much about disturbing anyone.

Electric Powered Mowers Are More Eco-Friendly Than Gas Mowers

Electric lawnmowers are more eco-friendly than gas ones because they don’t produce any tailpipe emissions (source).

According to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, gas lawnmowers account for 5% of air pollution in the US (source).

Since cutting long grass generally takes more time than shorter grass, your gas lawn mower will emit more fumes

No Need To Buy Gas at the Store for Electric Mowers

One of the nuisances of using a gas lawnmower is that you must buy gas at the store to use it—this can be annoying if you run out of gas without realizing it. I can’t count the number of times I have been in the middle of mowing, ran out of gas, and had to head to the store for more.

With an electric lawnmower, there’s never a need to purchase gas. However, you may need to buy a battery now and then.

Electric Mowers Are Easier To Start

Electric lawnmowers are easier to start and use, mainly because they’re more lightweight, and you don’t have to pull on anything to start them up (unlike a pull-start gas lawnmower, which requires a lot of upper body strength to get going). 

However, they might be challenging to use if the grass is super long, and you may have to go over the same spots more than once to get the desired results.

Cons of Using an Electric Lawn Mower on Long Grass

It Might Struggle To Cut Grass As Efficiently as a Gas Lawn Mower

It takes more time and effort to cut long grass (even more if the grass is thick). So, you will likely struggle if you use an electric lawnmower.

The simple solution to this is to keep the grass mowed frequently.

Alternatively, stick with a gas lawnmower, which can get the job done quicker in most cases.

The Electric Mower Cord Can Get Caught

As I mentioned earlier, some electric lawnmowers have cords. It will be challenging to move the cable through the grass if it’s long and thick, and there may be other obstacles you’re unaware of that can get in the way of the cord.

As a result, you’ll need to constantly check the wiring to ensure it’s still in place.

The Mower Cord Might Not Be Long Enough 

The cord length will depend on the lawnmower model, but most are only long enough for small yards. So unless you have plenty of power outlets around your backyard, an electric lawnmower won’t work well on long grass in a large backyard.

If cord length isn’t an issue and you can reach each section of your yard with the lawnmower due to having a small yard, an electric one could be a good option (although it still might take longer to cut long grass).

Personally, I do not like corded electric mowers. Battery-powered mowers are getting pretty powerful and from my perspective, if you want to go electric, go with a battery-powered option.


Electric lawnmowers can cut long grass, but it’s best to use them only if your yard is small. A gas lawnmower will work better in medium and large yards with long grass.

Electric lawnmowers are sometimes corded, so the cord can get caught in the long grass or may not be long enough. If it’s not corded, it mightn’t have sufficient battery to get through all the grass because long grass is more time-consuming to cut.

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