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Click And Grow Smart Garden Review (Mind-Blowing Results!)

Click And Grow Smart Garden Review (Mind-Blowing Results!)

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Paul Brown

Growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs indoors sounds incredible, especially for people living in an apartment or other area where outdoor growing space may be limited or nonexistent. But seriously, can you actually grow vegetables indoors? And even if you can, is it really worth it considering the potential mess? 

I had the opportunity to test out Click and Grow’s Smart Garden 9, a completely self-contained indoor gardening solution that offers the ability to grow a wide variety of vegetables and herbs. I went into the testing pretty skeptical, but I must admit, watching the plants sprout and thrive turned me into a believer!

Let’s look at this incredible project and how it just might be the best purchase you can make, even if you have an outdoor garden.

Product Overview

The Smart Garden 9 (one of several options that Click and Grow offers) provides a self-watering, all-in-one solution for indoor gardening. The system uses pre-seeded soil pods that you can order from Click and Grow, with a vast selection of options! 

Here are just a few:

Sweet PeppersRomaine LettuceLime BasilPetunias
Mini TomatoesItalian KaleCilantroPansies
Wild StrawberriesArugulaDillLavender
Dwarf PeasWasabi MustardOreganoPainted Nettle

(Note – this is just a small sampling of the options currently offered. You can view the full list of plant options here.

Note: Click and Grow sent me this product for review. As always, the findings and opinions expressed here are mine alone. The company had no input into this article.

What’s Included?

Inside the box, you will find the main smart garden housing along with the LED lighting system (simple click-to-assemble design), instructions, and some sample plant pods to get you started. Mine included mini tomatoes, basil, and green lettuce.

Smart Garden 9 unboxed with all contents laid out.

Assembly and Setup

Assembly took all of two minutes (probably less). The LED lighting system just clicks into place over the main housing.

Smart Garden 9 assembled.

Here’s a tip on what not to do. Do not use the LED lighting system as a handle to try to pick the system up and move it. It’s not designed for that (even though it looks like a handle). I learned this the hard way.

Once you have decided on a location for your smart garden, you can begin inserting the plant pods. You simply remove the white plastic cover over each pod opening (save these, you’ll need them later) and drop the pods in.

Placing plant pods into the Smart Garden 9 system.

It’s almost too simple. I found myself checking the instructions to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Once the plant pods are in place you place the white plastic covering back over them and then cover each with these clear globe covers.

These are very important. They help to keep the moisture levels constant and create somewhat of a greenhouse effect during the initial sprouting stages.

Covering plant pods with the clear globe covers.

Once all of the globe covers are in place, it’s time to water. But you don’t apply water directly to the plant pods. The system has this really simple but very effective water system within the housing unit. You apply water until the floating bobber (the best comparison I can think of) floats up to the surface area of the housing unit.

watering the smart garden system.

With the plant pods in place and the watering system ready to go, there’s only one thing left to do.

Plug it in and light it up:

And honestly, that’s it. That is pretty much the whole setup process. Deceptively simple and, frankly, a fun process.

But Do Smart Gardens Work?

I appreciated the simple setup but the burning question that remained, and the whole point of this product still lingered. Would an indoor smart garden actually work? And how much trouble would it be to use it?

I won’t make you wait for it. Without question, the Click and Grow Smart Garden works! I was amazed by the effectiveness of the simple system design. I successfully grew my sample plants with very little maintenance other than occasional watering.

Let’s have a look at the progress that I saw throughout this testing.

Day 6 – First Sprouting

There is something very satisfying about seeing the first evidence of life emerge from seeds. I was really excited to see this.

Day 17

More growth!

Remember, I’m not doing anything except adding water. No fertilizing, no insecticides, just letting light and water do their magic.

Day 26

Approaching one month. The plants were healthy and thriving.

Day 50

Take a look at the growth after just shy of two months. I returned from a trip out of town to see this and was absolutely astonished.

The plants were in need of water (my son forgot to add water while I was away), but they were still nice and green. With a little water, they perked right up!

That brings up one very important point. The Click and Grow website mentions the ability to add water to the reservoir so that the plants will continue to be watered while you are away. Once they begin to mature, however, they do require more water and it’s important to keep the reservoir filled.

It’s super easy and still only needs to be done every few days. They really get thirsty when they grow up!

Day 59 (Completion of Testing)

With two solid months of growth behind us, I can confidently say that the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 far surpassed my expectations. I never really believed that a system like this could be effective in growing food indoors, but I’m very happy to be wrong on this one.

While the Smart Garden could be a great purchase for just about anyone, I see a tremendous opportunity for people living in apartments or other situations where growing food outdoors is not feasible.

Or what about extreme climate areas where it may be physically impossible to grow your own food outdoors?

There are so many possibilities for this type of technology, and the team at Click and Grow has really simplified the process with their ready-to-go plant pods and growing system.


I am genuinely impressed with the Click and Grow Smart Garden system.

The ability to grow food indoors without the issues of fertilizing or dealing with those pesky outdoor pests is absolutely mind-blowing. Few products live up to their promises these days but this one truly delivers!

Click here to see all of the products available from Click and Grow.