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Should You Cut Back Ajuga in the Fall?

Should You Cut Back Ajuga in the Fall?

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Willie Moore
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Ajuga is a popular plant that comes in dozens of unique varieties. They are excellent as an option for ground cover and can add beautiful color to your lawn or garden. But as lovely as they are, they spread extremely quickly and need to be cut back often, but should you cut back Ajuga in the fall?

You should cut back Ajuga in the fall shortly after the flowers have finished blooming. Cutting back may be done in the summer or fall, depending on where you live and when you planted them. You may need to cut them more than once as the flowers could mature at different times.  

This article explains what time of year you should cut back Ajuga, why you should prune it, and what to expect when you cut it back. Read along to learn more about cutting ajuga back in the fall!

Does Ajuga Require Fall Pruning?

Autumn is one of the best times of year for plant life. Flowers have been blooming all summer, and now it’s time to prepare our landscaping projects and gardens for the colder months ahead. One task you may find yourself doing in the fall is pruning, especially for certain plant species.

Ajuga is famous for its ability to spread. It is also renowned for the beautiful purple flowers that it often showcases in the summer (source).

But once they finish blooming, it’s in your best interest to prune the plant, so it doesn’t take over your yard. Additionally, pruning also allows it to set itself up to thrive in the next season.

We know it is very important to prune Ajuga and that it’s ideal to do it right after it flowers. But does Ajuga require you to prune it in the fall?

Ajuga doesn’t necessarily require pruning at all. It’s a low-fuss plant that can do exceptionally well without any intervention at all. But because it grows quickly and without additional attention or care, you will want to prune Ajuga if you are trying to keep it controlled or designated to one garden area. 

Should I Prune Ajuga in the Fall?

Whether or not you prune your Ajuga in the fall is up to you. Many types of Ajuga can vary widely in their timeline for flowering and foliage (source). Some thrive in the summer, while others wait until autumn to show off their best features. 

So knowing whether you should prune your Ajuga in the fall varies. The good news is that you can easily prune your Ajuga without much effort, and it can really be done whenever you deem it necessary. 

Many gardeners suggest you wait until the Ajuga has flowered before you start pruning. Unlike roses and other popular flowers, you won’t need to cut the stems at a precise location and angle to ensure the best results. 

You can prune Ajuga with scissors or a lawn mower without compromising its longevity. A hardy and durable ground cover, Ajuga can be cut all at once or in stages depending on the way you want your outdoor space to appear. 

Is Fall the Best Time To Prune Ajuga?

The best time to cut back Ajuga is typically in the summer. Fall is a perfectly acceptable season to prune Ajuga, but not necessarily always the optimal time. That said, depending on which part of the country you live in and the weather conditions, there is a chance that fall is the best time of year if that’s when you get the warmest temperatures and the best blooms. 

In areas where the flowers appear in late summer, fall is the best time to prune Ajuga. Keep a watchful eye on the weather patterns and flower production, and you’ll better know when to prune Ajuga. 

Cutting Back Ajuga in the Fall 

You may want to cut back your Ajuga in the fall to prepare your yard for the next growing cycle or change of seasons. You should cut Ajuga and thin it out to maintain proper conditions in your garden or lawn. By cutting it back, you’ll have more room for other plants to grow and more open space in your garden. 

Because Ajuga tends to grow quickly and without limitations, cutting it back from time to time is essential (source). Fall is a popular time to do this in many areas since the weather is cooling down, and it is time to start thinking about the seasons ahead. 

When you plant Ajuga, you can expect that the gaps between the different clusters will start filling up in 1-2 years (source). Cutting back your Ajuga in the fall can allow you to thin out the crop so you can plant other things later. 

Spacing Out Ajuga in the Fall

One of the reasons you will want to cut back Ajuga in the fall is to give it and the plants around it more room to grow. Ajuga thrives when it has ample space to collect light and water, so you want to allow extra space for Ajuga to survive optimally.

Knowing the best steps for growing Ajuga will make your yard look as good as possible. If you started growing your Ajuga a few years prior, it might be time to cut it back so it has enough space to thrive. Fall can be an excellent time to space out your Ajuga and start thinking about future landscaping projects you want around your remaining ground cover. 


Cutting back Ajuga is vital to keep it in check and have it look more appropriately maintained. It’s easy to do and is usually done after the blooming season. Depending on where you live, your blooming season may be approaching fall, leading to you wanting to cut back your Ajuga during the autumn months. 

You’ll want to prune Ajuga at least once a year, and many people prefer doing it in the fall. Grab your favorite pair of gardening scissors or pull out your lawn mower and cut back your Ajuga to make your lawn tidier looking this fall.

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