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Do Electric Lawn Mowers Need Oil Changes?

Do Electric Lawn Mowers Need Oil Changes?

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Willie Moore
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The topic of oil changes seems to come up a lot when discussing electric lawnmowers. After all, most gasoline-powered lawnmowers need their oil changed regularly. So, do electric mowers need oil changes?

Electric lawnmowers do not need oil changes. These mowers use electric motors instead of engines, and do not require oil. However, electric mowers require maintenance, such as replacing worn-out parts.

This post will discuss whether electric lawn mowers need oil changes and provide some tips on maintaining your electric lawn mower. Stay tuned!

Why Electric Mowers Don’t Use Oil 

Electric lawnmowers don’t use oil because they don’t have any internal combustion happening. Unlike gasoline-powered lawn mowers, which use a spark plug to ignite a fuel/air mixture to power the engine, electric lawn mowers are powered by an electric motor.

That means there’s no burning of oil or other fluids inside the mower (source).

Key Takeaway: Electric lawn mowers do not use oil like gasoline-powered lawn mowers do. Gasoline-powered mowers have engines that require lubrication, and oil is used to lubricate the engine. On the other hand, electric lawnmowers have motors that do not require lubrication.

How Electric Lawn Mowers Work 

Electric mowers work by using electricity to magnetically rotate a set of coils inside the motor. As the coils turn, they move a piston up and down inside the cylinder. The up-and-down motion is what powers the blades on your electric lawn mower (source).

The electric motor in your lawn mower is pretty simple. It consists of a large coil of wire (the armature) mounted on a rotating shaft. The armature is surrounded by another coil of wire (the field coil) connected to a power source.

When you turn the power on, electricity flows through the field coil and creates a magnetic field around the armature. The interaction between the magnetic field and the electric current in the armature causes the armature to rotate.

The rotation is transferred to the blades through a series of pulleys and belts, and this is what cuts your grass. 

Do Electric Lawn Mowers Need Maintenance?

Electric lawnmowers need some maintenance. For instance, it’s crucial to clean the blades after every use to avoid grass and dirt build-up, which causes the blades to become dull. You can also spray a little oil on the blades after cleaning them to help keep them sharp.

Just because electric lawnmowers don’t need oil changes doesn’t mean they don’t require any maintenance at all. Like any piece of machinery, electric lawnmowers must be kept clean and well-maintained to work correctly.

Maintenance Tips for Electric Lawn Mower

Some of the maintenance tasks you’ll need to perform on your electric lawn mower include: 

Clean the Blades After Each Use 

It’s essential to clean the blade on your electric lawn mower after each use. Besides preventing the blades from dulling, that will help prevent rust and corrosion.

And if the blades are worn out, you’ll need to replace them. Worn-out blades can cause the mower to work less efficiently and make it more challenging to cut the grass.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

Electric mowers have moving parts, such as gears and bearings, that need to be lubricated periodically. If the moving parts on your electric lawn mower are not adequately lubricated, they will eventually start to wear out and break down.

Therefore, it’s best to check your owner’s manual to see how often you should lubricate the moving parts on your particular model of electric lawn mower. 

Check/Tighten the Bolts and Screws

As with any machinery, it’s essential to check the bolts and screws on your electric lawn mower periodically to ensure they’re tight. Loose bolts and screws can cause the mower to vibrate, leading to wear and tear on the mower’s parts. 

In addition, loose bolts and screws can also be dangerous. If a bolt or screw comes loose while you’re mowing, it could fly off and injure you or someone else. Therefore, it’s best to check the bolts and screws on your electric lawn mower before each use. 

Keep All Vents Debris-Free for Cooling

Electric mowers have vents that must be kept clear of debris for the mower to stay cool while in use. If the vents on your electric lawn mower become clogged, it could cause the mower to overheat and potentially damage the motor

To clean the vents on your electric lawn mower, simply use a brush or vacuum to remove any debris that has accumulated.

Replacing Worn Out or Damaged Parts

As with any machinery, occasional wear and tear are inevitable. Therefore, it’s essential to check your electric lawn mower for any worn-out or damaged parts regularly. 

Some of the parts on your electric lawn mower that may eventually need to be replaced include blades and wheels. If any of these parts are worn out or damaged, you should replace them as soon as possible.

Otherwise, they could cause the mower to work less efficiently or break down completely.

Monitor the Battery Life

If your electric lawn mower has a battery, it’s crucial to monitor the battery life and replace it when necessary. On average, you may need to replace it every 4-5 years. 

Just ensure that you always use a compatible battery for your particular model of electric lawn mower. Using the wrong battery could damage the mower or cause it to malfunction.

In addition, you must recharge the battery periodically, even if you don’t use the mower for an extended period. Failure to do so could shorten the battery’s lifespan.

For insights into the typical costs of replacing an electric mower’s battery, check out this article I wrote describing the pros and cons of this equipment.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, although electric lawnmowers don’t need oil changes, they require some basic maintenance to work correctly and last a long time. However, this maintenance is typically much less than what’s needed for gas-powered mowers. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a lawn mower that’s easy to maintain, an electric model is the way to go.

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