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Is It Safe To Store an Electric Lawn Mower Outside?

Is It Safe To Store an Electric Lawn Mower Outside?

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If you’re looking for a way to keep your lawn beautiful without the hassle of mowing by hand, while also saving money at the pump, an electric lawn mower is a great option. They’re convenient, easy to use, and quiet—but are they safe to store outside? 

It is unsafe to store an electric lawn mower outside if you live in a climate with extreme weather, constant rain, or even snow. Additionally, most lawnmowers are safer stored in a storage shed or in a designated spot in the garage. With electric mowers, you should also avoid any kind of water. 

Below, I’ll go over safe storage for your electric lawn mower and give you some more information about why you should keep your mowers inside–no matter what kind they are! 

Storing Your Electric Lawn Mower

Proper storage is vital whether you own an electric lawn mower or a gas-powered one. If you’ve never stored an electric lawn mower outside before, putting your mower on the back porch or even in the garage might be tempting. After all, what could go wrong? Well, plenty!

It’s not safe to store an electric lawn mower outdoors. Although you think you might be able to store your electric lawn mower outside, maybe because you have mild weather, the risks are too high. 

For example, if you put your electric lawn mower in a spot where it will be exposed to rain or snow, then water can get inside of it and cause rust. This is especially dangerous in areas with high exposure to salt water! (source)

This can lead to electrical shorts and other problems with the motor and wiring of your lawnmower that could result in damage or even an explosion!

Additionally, many people believe storing their electric mowers outside will help them run better during winter when temperatures dip below freezing. However, this method has been proven ineffective because cold weather causes motors on these machines to not operate efficiently, so they may end up being less powerful than they would otherwise be if kept all year round indoors instead!

Avoid Water When Storing Your Electric Lawn Mower 

Avoid putting your electric lawn mower out in the rain or snow. Rust can build up on it, making the cutting blades less effective. This can be fixed with a little WD40, as this video shows:

How To Restore Lawn Mower Blades From Rust & Buildup - WD-40® Multi-Use Product

But still, it’s best to avoid it altogether. 

If you are going to store your electric lawn mower outside, cover it with a tarp, so it stays dry. You can also buy a temporary storage shed online–these are usually pretty tent-like and will do okay in mild weather, some rain, and a little snow.

However, it won’t do great in blizzards and may make things worse in extreme heat by becoming a humidity trap. 

If rust does occur on your outdoor electric lawn mower, don’t worry! It is not difficult to clean off and keep away from future problem-causing situations.

Rust can compromise the performance of your machine and even make it unsafe to use. Dry grass isn’t just hard on your hands—it’s also hard on any tool you use to cut it! If your blade is rusted or corroded, it may not cut as well as it should or could have otherwise.

All Lawn Mowers Should Be Stored Away From Extreme Heat 

In general, all lawnmowers should be kept away from extreme heat, whether they are electric or gasoline. 

Lawnmowers are designed to be used in a wide range of temperatures but not at either extreme. Excessive heat can damage the engine, and excessive cold can damage the battery and other parts you might have that are sensitive to temperature changes.

The Verdict: It’s Better To Err on the Side of Caution

Keep your lawn mower stored inside.

If you’re storing your lawn mower outside, there’s a chance that it could get wet, and then the electrical current might cause it to short out. This could mean it wouldn’t start up when you needed it most—like when the grass is getting long!

The best way to keep your lawn mower safe and sound while you store it is to ensure it’s in a dry place where no water can get inside. You can also invest in a cover or shelter for your lawn mower to protect it from the elements.

How To Store Your Electric Lawn Mower Safely

It’s essential to store your mower safely when it isn’t in use. This will keep the blades sharp and prevent rusting or damage from weather conditions such as rain or snow. To store your electric lawn mower safely:

  • Keep the mower away from moisture. Water can damage the electronics of an electric lawnmower, so be sure to find a dry place to store it when not in use. Most buildings should be safe from moisture if built correctly (source). 
  • Keep pets away from the machine by storing them appropriately and securely locking them up if necessary. 
  • If you have any small children at home, they should always be supervised while operating or playing around your mower! This would mean finding a spot in your garage or shed that can’t be accessed by small children who may be tempted by it. 

Where to Store Your Electric Lawn Mower

A Safe Spot in Your Garage 

A garage is a pretty safe–and the most common–spot for a lawn mower. But there are still a few things to consider!

Don’t put your lawn mower somewhere that will put you at risk for hitting it with your car, nor somewhere it can be exposed to anything dangerous. 

One risk of bringing your electric lawn mower into your garage or shed is that mice tend to chew on the wires. This can be a severe problem if you have children or pets in your garage with you. If a mouse finds its way into your lawn mower’s storage area, it can quickly chew through the cord and cause a fire.

Mice are also known for chewing away at plastic handles and buttons on appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. They might damage parts of the machine, rendering it unusable until repairs are made.

Building a Tool Shed for Your Mower

If you don’t have a space for tools, consider an outdoor storage unit for your equipment or even a covered area under a tree or other overhang. If you live in an area with harsh winters, store them inside during those months so they don’t freeze.


In conclusion, it is best to store your lawn mower outside. If not, ensure it’s in a dry place where it won’t be exposed to water and heat.

If you’re storing your electric lawn mower outside, keeping it safe from the elements is essential. The sun, wind, and rain can all damage the exterior of your machine. A shed or dedicated shed for tools is a great way to protect your machinery from the elements.

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