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Should You Tip the Landscaping Crew? Read This! 

Should You Tip the Landscaping Crew? Read This! 

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A lot of workers in the United States rely on tips to make their jobs worthwhile. As a result, there is a culture of tipping. The culture of tipping in the US is easy to navigate when it comes to things like restaurants and cafes, but what about tipping people working on your property, like a landscape crew? 

You should tip the landscaping crew after they’ve worked on your property if you are happy with the work. Tipping is customary for landscaping crews. The amount you should tip depends on several factors, including the quality of their work, how long it took, and your finances. 

Continue reading this article for a detailed look into whether you should tip your landscapers or not. I’ll examine the benefits of tipping landscapes and how much you should tip for what job. By the end of this piece, you’ll be sure to know when to take out your wallet and when to keep it in your pocket. 

How Much Should You Tip the Landscaping Company?

Knowing that it’s best to tip the landscaping crew after they’ve finished work is one thing, but knowing how much to tip is another. Is there an easy way of assessing how much your landscape crew deserves so you can keep them happy without tipping too much? 

You should tip the landscaping crew about $10 to $20 per crewmember for one-off jobs. However, if the landscaping crew are regulars on your property, you don’t need to tip them every time they visit. Instead, offer a monthly to seasonal tip of $20 to $50 per crew member to show your appreciation

Getting the number right when tipping can be a challenge. If you don’t tip enough, you risk lowering your landscaping crew’s results, and if you tip too much, it will cost you a fortune over time. However, as a general rule, never tip less than $10 per person on the crew. 

Tipping high amounts will also lead the crew to grow accustomed to big tips. As a result, if you can’t afford a big tip on an occasion, the team may feel insulated or believe that you are unhappy with their work. As a result, it’s a good idea to keep this at an affordable and consistent cost (source).

What Landscaping Work Warrants a Tip?

If you have landscapes on your property on a daily or weekly basis, it’s not compulsory for you to tip them every time they come. Similarly, if you hire a company to take care of the landscape for a large property, tipping the staff on every occasion is unnecessary. So, when do you need to tip your landscapers? 

One-off projects and irregular care or maintenance are the types of landscaping work that warrant tips. You don’t need to tip your landscaping crew if they are constantly working on your property unless they do additional work at your request, like trimming bushes or pruning trees. 

What Happens if You Don’t Tip Your Landscaping Crew?

Tipping your landscape crew is considered to be good etiquette and a surefire way of creating a great relationship for years to come. But what happens if you don’t tip your landscaping crew. or if you don’t tip them enough? 

If you don’t tip your landscaping crew, it could hurt the relationship you have with them. This may affect their work negatively, and it could cause the landscape crew to pay extra attention to payments. However, tipping is optional, so there’s not much apart from this that can happen. 

If you tip less than the recommended amount for your landscaping crew’s work, they will likely lose motivation to work on your property. This could prompt them to look for work elsewhere or to spend less time grafting while on your land. Either way, the situation is better when you give them a fair tip. 

Should You Tip a Lawn Care Crew? 

The lawn care crew that mows your grass has different skills and knowledge than trained landscapers. So this raises the question, what’s the tipping custom when it comes to lawn care professionals, and if they do deserve a tip, how much should it be? 

You shouldn’t tip a lawn care crew if they regularly mow your lawn. However, it is a nice gesture to offer a small bonus once a year, perhaps over the holidays. A $15 to $20 tip is enough as it’s not essential for you to tip your lawn care crew. 

If you had to tip each member of your lawn care crew every week when they cut your grass, it could add up to close to a thousand dollars per year. As a result, it’s not necessary and a poor financial decision. A better solution is to recognize their hard work once or twice per year with a small tip given to every crew member. 

Should You Tip a Handyman?

You should tip a handyman. If you have someone who comes to your house for repairs or projects, they should receive a tip after they’ve finished working. However, in some areas, qualified professionals do not need a tip as they can be paid in excess of $100 per hour. 

Generally, when tipping a handyperson, you should offer about $20. However, if the person undertook a large project, the tip should be about 10% to %15 of the total bill. This ensures that they get well paid for their services and that they’ll be eager to help you out again in the future (source).

Final Thoughts 

You should tip your landscape crew unless the same crew is regularly on your property and they’ve completed routine work. However, if you ask for additional work like pruning trees, you should pay them about $10 to $20 per hour for the extra job. You should, however, offer regular staff a tip at least once a year of about $10 to $20 per person. 

Tipping your landscape crew is important for maintaining a solid working relationship and ensuring that your lawn is kept in immaculate condition. Tipping also helps your landscape workers make a fair living.

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