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Are Walk-Behind String Trimmers Worth It? 

Are Walk-Behind String Trimmers Worth It? 

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Willie Moore
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I visited Home Depot recently and was looking at their selection of walk-behind string trimmers. I love the idea of pushing a string trimmer on wheels instead of getting a backache from lugging one around my 2-acre yard. The question, though, is whether or not it’s worth paying for this convenience. I’ve done a lot of research and spoke with a couple of industry experts and here’s what I’ve learned.

Walk-behind string trimmers are worth it if you have a large property with rough or uneven terrain. This is due to the fact that they’re effective on uneven ground and can cover as much as 35% more ground than alternatives. They are also easier on your back than traditional string trimmers since the center of gravity is on the wheels.

Keep reading to learn more in detail about walk-behind string trimmers, including when they’re needed, what they’re used for, and how they’re propelled. By the end of this article, you should have a clear indication of what kind of string trimmer you’ll need to tackle the weeds on your property. 

What Is a Walk-Behind String Trimmer Used For? 

Also known as wheeled string trimmers, walk-behind string trimmers have large wheels attached to rugged string trimmers and a walk-behind frame. You’ll commonly see these for sale in garden centers, although a lot of people don’t know what a walk-behind string trimmer is used for? 

Walk-behind string trimmers are used for clearing weeds and vegetation from large properties with rough terrain. The large wheels allow the string trimmer to easily pass over rocky or uneven ground, while the string trimmers attached to the frame remove unwanted plants. 

Walk-behind string trimmers cover a much larger area than handheld alternatives. As a result, people with large green areas that require Trimming are also ideal for walk-behind string trimmers, which can save you a considerable amount of time if you have a significant place to clear off weeds. 

A walk-behind string trimmer is a more expensive choice than a typical handheld trimmer. However, handheld trimmers are only suited to small jobs and not large areas or rough terrain. Therefore, homeowners with a lot of land or uneven ground should pay the extra fee for a walk-behind string trimmer (source). 

Are Walk-Behind String Trimmers Self Propelled? 

Walk-behind d string trimmers are already a time-saving and convenient product due to their ability to cover rough ground and added coverage compared to a handheld string trimmer. However, some people are unable to push a heavy string trimmer around their property; what should they do? 

Walk-behind string trimmers come in a variety of makes and models, with some manufacturers producing self-propelled options. A self Propelled string trimmer will not require a heavy push; instead, you’ll press a lever or button that will cause the machine to move, with little or no force needed. 

Self Propelled walk-behind string trimmers allow users to effortlessly clear weeds from their property, regardless of their age and athletic ability. Self-propelled trimmers also allow minimum physical effort from you while still producing a well-kept garden or lawn. 

While some models of walk-behind string trimmers are self Propelled, others are not. Therefore it makes sense to check with the manufacturer about the features included in a walk-behind string trimmer before making a purchase. In most garden centers or online retailers, you can easily find walk-behind string trimmers with self-propulsion. 

When Are Walk-Behind String Trimmers Needed? 

Different jobs require different tools when you’re gardening. For instance, a ride-on lawnmower or a tractor is needed to keep the grass at a golf course, whereas a trimmer can be enough for a smaller space. So when is a walk-behind trimmer required for a job? 

Walk-behind string trimmers are needed for removing weeds and vegetation from more significant properties, especially when the ground is rough or uneven. They’re effective at removing weeds from hard-to-reach places, and they can do this at an impressive rate. 

For small jobs like removing the weeds from the edge of a sidewalk, walk-behind string trimmers are unnecessary. A smaller handheld string trimmer can easily accomplish this task, and they’re much more affordable to purchase. 

Similarly, if you have 10 acres (4.05 ha) of land to maintain, a walk-behind string trimmer will likely be too small and slow. As a result, you could spend hours on end and see little progress. Instead of larger jobs, you’d benefit from a more large lawnmower. 

A walk-behind trimmers is required for more significant residential properties, especially if they have tough weeds and rough terrain, as they’re efficient and effective in these conditions. If your property isn’t particularly large or small, other alternatives may be more suitable than a walk-behind string trimmer. 

Recommended Walk-Behind String Trimmers

If you want to own a walk-behind string trimmer of your own, here are a few options to consider. 

  • Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Wheeled String Trimmer (link to Amazon) is a versatile and affordable walk behind string trimmer. This model is ideal for more significant properties as the machine is lightweight and highly effective. The product is available in both black and red colors. 
  • Swisher 4.4 HP String Trimmer (link to Amazon) is another fantastic option for more significant properties with tough weeds. This trimmer is fitted with large wheels for easy use over rough terrain and a powerful engine. It’s fairly priced, although there’s one drawback — its weight. This product weighs over 80 pounds (36.29 kg). 
  • Legend Force 22 inch (link to Home Depot). This 173cc machine runs off a 4-stroke engine and has 5 settings for adjustable height positions when trimming.

Final Thoughts 

A walk-behind string trimmer is a worthwhile investment for anyone who owns a larger property or for anyone with weeds growing on rough terrain. Walk-behind string trimmers cover significantly more ground than handheld alternatives. As a result, you can quickly clear a large area of weeds with little effort. 

Walk-behind string trimmers are also fitted with large wheels, ideal for crossing uneven ground, and powerful string trimmers that easily cut through stubborn weeds. If you own a large property with stubborn weeds, you can save a lot of time and hassle with a walk-behind string trimmer.

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